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To join with Stop TB Partnership Indonesia (STPI), please fill in the online registration form and send required documents to the secretariat.



  • Actively support and participate in activities of STPI and working groups

  • Share recent information about TB-related activities and programs implemented  

  • Share your experience, ideas, data and other forms of partnership mechanism including funding, expertise, marketing, media and networks to attain STPI's vision

  • Share knowledge and information through the STPI platform such as social media and meetings

  • Contribute in STPI meetings and give constructive input on how to improve the organization

  • Participate and/or support the National TB Program Strategy

  • Promote STPI and its missions to other stakeholders at local-, national-, and international-level

  • Get involved in advocacy to amplify efforts of TB prevention and control to ending the epidemic Indonesia.



  • Regularly receive information about partnership for TB at local- and international-level

  • Network and collaborate with other partners within STPI 

  • Acknowledgement

    • Partners can use the Stop TB Partnership Indonesia logo for organization purposes 

    • Partners' logo attached in STPI website www.stoptbindonesia.org

    • Partners' activities can be published in website and social media of STPI


We hope that you or your organization:

  • Has the same vision and mission with STPI

  • Willing to give constructive assistance in improving TB program with NTP

  • Show commitments through actions in liason with STPI and its partners

  • Willing to assist in realizing a TB-free Indonesia at all levels of the government and in private sectors